Current projects include looking to form new partnerships to develop a collaborative, creative approach to textiles as this is completely new to me.

I also currently work with a group of homeless individuals, teaching them new skills and relaxation techniques through arts and crafts. Again this in an area I am working towards expanding, being able to offer vulnerable individuals the chance to learn a new skill is something I am really passionate about and I believe art could offer many of these individuals a pathway towards a new career.

My previous projects have involve the production of large tactile sculptures situated at the intersection of fine art and craft. The following are pieces I worked on in preparation for a show titled Create 13, York

Fredrick Flamingo, a large bendy necked Flamingo bird, approximately 5ft

Christine Caterpillar, a large caterpillar designed to be installed across and through spaces, approximately 9ft in length

Crunch Crocodile, a Heavy  crocodile measuring approximately 6ft in length

Colin Cat, a psychedelic huggable huge cat, approximately 5.5ft

Ronald Rabbit, a burrowing fanatic, approximately 4ft